Services Provided

UPSers has launched an online portal to make life easier for employees. The UPSers portal allows your employees to sign in to the portal and utilize services such as payroll, refunds, and more. Each registered UPSers employee will be assigned a unique ID. The highly confidential password enhances the security of the UPSers portal.

UPSers are also well-known as “brown” because the uniform color and truck color of the UPSers employee is brown. Please note that to access the services offered by the UPSers portal, you need to register yourself on the UPSers portal.

UPSers Account Benefits

You must be wondering why you need to register yourself on the UPSers portal. Have a look at some benefits that UPSers account offers:

  1. UPSers account allows the package tracking through the mobile phone.
  2. Huge savings on products and services are offered.
  3. UPSers account allows the lucrative discounts and benefits.

UPSers today is a leading firm when it comes to parcel delivery services. People in the United States trust only UPS when it comes to delivering their parcels securely and well-within time.

UPSers Services

  • Billing
  • Parcel Tracking
  • Shipping
  • Business all over the world
  • Logistics
  • Sustainability
  • E-Business
  • Efficient Support

UPSers Industrial Services

  • Health Services
  • Agencies of the government
  • Professional Services
  • Air Services
  • Defense
  • Retail and Consumer Goods
  • automotive
  • Industrial products

UPS Services Worldwide

  • United Parcel Capital
  • UPS Mail Innovations
  • UPSer Supply Chain Solutions
  • United Parcel Service Freight
  • United Parcel Service Store
  • UPS i-delivery
  • UPS Connect
  • UPSers Express Critical
  • UPSers Air Freight