UPSers is a portal designed by the UPS in the most user-friendly and secure way possible. They have strived to ensure that no user faces any sort of issues while facing the UPSers portal.

Still, if you face any sort of issues you can contact the UPSers customer support without any hesitation. Also, have a look at the FAQ designed below, which may be of great help to you:

A message of “No information” is displayed when I try to track my parcel. What is the solution to it?

It means that UPSers doesn’t have any sort of information regarding your parcel. Kindly contact the UPSers support in this case.

How much time the UPSers time to deliver the package?

You can calculate the approximate time of delivery with the help of the designed calculator. This UPSers calculator is of great help for all the customers to track their parcels.

What does “In Transit” status means?

In Transit purely means that your UPSers parcel is still within the UPSers network and is yet to be out for delivery. Don’t panic, your parcel is totally secure on the UPSers premises.

It has been a good time now, and my parcel is not delivered yet. How much do I wait?

Sometimes the parcel is delivered by 8 p.m. In case of a holiday, the UPSers parcel will be delivered on the next business day.

Can you give me information regarding shipping during the holidays?

Due to the increased volume during the holiday season, changes in service will apply to certain packages announced by December 27th. During this time, a limited number of packages with specific departure locations and destinations may result in additional delays for the transit. Please also note that the UPSers services are subject to be changed or modified whenever needed. You can find more details on the holiday shipping page.