About Us

UPSers has designed an official portal on the official website at UPSers.com which allows the UPSers employees to access their account just by submitting their UPSers login credentials. All the UPSer Employees can use this UPSers portal to manage their profile and check the transactions. Employees just need to login to your UPSers account to manage their UPS account, check the direct deposit, and much more information.

United Parcel Service is one of the most popular firms when it comes to parcel delivery services. It is one of the largest parcel delivery companies in the world. UPSers delivers more than 14 million packages every day, all over the world. UPSers is headquartered at andy Springs, Georgia, USA. UPSers started its journey in 1936. UPSer is also termed as “brown”, as the color of the UPSers employees and truck is brown in color. UPS airlines are also providing some great quality of the services. UPS possesses approximately 300 aircraft in its fleet.

All active and inactive employees in the US, Canada and Puerto Rico and retirees in their place can access the official UPSers portal at UPSers.com. Please note that no illegal creatures are allowed to access the portal. If you do so, be ready to face the legal consequences.

UPSers online portal is loved by all the UPS employees. It has been working as a lifeline of the UPS employees for years. If you are a UPS employee, hurry up, and register yourself immediately on the UPSers portal at UPSers.com.